NICE Inform Recording & Incident Intelligence Solution

Empowering Incident Response Teams with Intelligent Recording and Analysis

The NICE Emergency Communication Recording Solution is an innovative product designed to ensure that emergency communication is recorded accurately and efficiently. This solution is ideal for emergency services, law enforcement, and other organizations that communicate in emergency situations. The product features a highly secure recording system that provides a complete audit trail and detailed logs for each call. The system also includes powerful analytics capabilities to monitor and identify trends and behaviors, and detect any suspicious activities. Additionally, the solution includes a comprehensive set of tools to streamline workflow and enhance organizational collaboration. With its intuitive user interface, the NICE Emergency Communication Recording Solution makes it easy to record, manage, and analyze critical communication data.

The NICE Public Safety solution is a powerful, cutting-edge technology designed to help public safety organizations improve their operations and protect citizens. With its integrated suite of powerful tools, NICE Public Safety helps organizations streamline operations, quickly detect and respond to threats, and enhance the safety of citizens. It offers a comprehensive situational awareness platform and advanced analytics capabilities, allowing teams to make informed decisions and coordinate their efforts in a matter of seconds. It also features intuitive user interface tools, enabling users to quickly access relevant information and collaborate with other teams in real-time. With the NICE Public Safety solution, organizations can respond to emergencies faster and more effectively, ensuring the safety of citizens and the efficiency of operations.

Get It Right Every Time

NICE Inform automates incident reconstruction, evidence production, quality assurance and real-time performance metrics reporting.

With emergency communications becoming more complex by the day, and turnover at an all-time high, having the insight and time to focus on staff has never been more essential. That's where NICE comes in. As the single system of record for all your data, we give you more time back in your day to engage with staff. And help you get to the truth that's hidden in your data faster.

With the ability to see everything exactly as it happened, and no more unknowns, our automated solutions put the truth at the heart of everything you do. Whether it’s reconstructing incidents, or empowering your telecommunicators to be the best at what they do.

In emergency communications there’s no room for compromise. NICE helps you get it right every time.


2 times


time savings in incident reconstruction and evidence production

faster evidence request fulfillment

increase in Quality Assurance evaluation productivity

When lives are on the line, evidence is everything. NICE’s cloud-based Evidencentral platform for Public Safety & Justice agencies revolutionizes the way data is managed, from the time an incident happens, until cases are successfully closed and prosecuted.