Body Worn Cameras

Small, lightweight and powerful state-of-the-art cameras designed for Law Enforcement

The AXIS body camera is a state-of-the-art device designed for law enforcement.
The cameras are small and lightweight ensuring maximum comfort for the officer while still providing quality images and audio.

The body-cam is also equipped with a variety of features to keep officers safe. To start with, they are exceptionally easy-to-use and can start recording with the push of a button, or automatically if an officer falls down. Additionally, they are designed to be rugged and water-resistant, making them more durable than standard body-cams. While recording video it also records crisp audio with noise suppression and it can monitor an officer's location while in the field with its built-in GNSS receiver. They can be worn on the chest or head, allowing greater flexibility while on the job featuring the Klick Fast™ System. It boasts a massive 17-hour operating time to help cover those 12-hours shifts. The footage is stored securely and can be accessed by other members of the department at any time. These features and many others make this camera the perfect tool for any law enforcement agency.

High Quality Video Recording

  • Provides crisp, clear video recordings in HD 1080p
  • Wide-angle lens capable of capturing everything around you and in the distance
  • Min illumination/ light sensitivity is as low as 0.1 lux meaning you are able to record the scene even in the darkest conditions
Compact & Lightweight

  • Only 6.3 ounces, this body camera won't weigh the officer down
  • Its small dimensions won’t hinder any law enforcement actions
  • Easily attach and detach camera with the Klick Fast™
Secure Recording

  • Equipped with cutting-edge wireless technologies and built-in Bluetooth
  • Footage can be securely transmitted to a central command center in real-time
  • Automatically encrypted and stored in the cloud for maximum security and convenience
Easy to Use

  • It has a simple, intuitive interface that anyone can use
  • Features a short setup time to help officers quickly get ready
  • Turns on with one press of a button and can be controlled from the command console

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Example Use Cases

1) Enhanced Evidence Collection - An officer wearing an AXIS Body camera encounters a critical incident where they need to quickly record and document evidence. The camera's intuitive design allows the officer to start recording with a single button press, capturing critical details of the situation. This footage becomes a vital piece of evidence that contributes to a successful prosecution and leads to improved accountability and transparency.

2) Officer Safety & Accountability - During a high-pressure situation, an officer wearing an AXIS Body camera safely diffuses a potentially dangerous encounter. The body camera's high-resolution video and audio capture provide a detailed account of the event, safeguarding the officer by documenting their actions and interactions in the field. This not only ensures the officer's safety but also enhances transparency and fosters trust within the community.

3) Rapid Incident Response - In response to an urgent call, an officer equipped with an AXIS Body camera swiftly responds to a situation, activating the camera's recording functionality to capture the unfolding events in real-time. The secure wireless transmission capabilities of the camera allow the footage to be instantly relayed to a central command center, providing critical situational awareness and facilitating coordinated response efforts.

The evidence you need
Axis body worn cameras document actions and capture evidence. They record incidents as they appeared to the camera wearer, and as they sounded to all involved. They deliver recordings with sharp audio and video that you can use in internal investigations and in court.

Deter bad behavior
Body worn cameras affect the behavior of both camera wearers and the public. Awareness of being recorded seems to make people feel there’s a “digital witness” to their actions. So the public is less likely to behave badly, and camera wearers are more likely to stay cool and comply with regulations. This reduces the number of complaints and incidents.

For training
Footage from Axis body worn cameras is a useful tool for teaching personnel how to respond to situations they’re likely to encounter. For example, you can analyze footage of an incident. Or use portions of an encounter as the basis for testing how students would respond to a similar set of circumstances before revealing the real outcome.

In Summary

The AXIS Body Camera stands as the foremost choice for law enforcement professionals seeking a robust body camera solution that excels in security, reliability, and ease of use. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement operations, this advanced device combines high-quality video recording capabilities with intuitive smartphone-like features, all while maintaining a lightweight, unobtrusive design. 

Its ability to capture crisp, clear video footage coupled with a wide-angle lens for comprehensive coverage, ensures that officers can effectively document incidents and gather vital evidence in diverse scenarios.

The camera's exceptional low-light sensitivity, with a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux, empowers users to capture critical details even in dimly lit environments, providing a level of situational awareness unmatched by traditional body cameras.

Furthermore, its compact form factor, weighing in at only 6.3 ounces, ensures that officers can carry out their duties without any hindrance, while the Klick Fast™ system enables seamless attachment and detachment for effortless usability in the field.

Moreover, the AXIS Body Camera offers more than just video recording—it acts as a trusted companion for law enforcement professionals, featuring cutting-edge wireless technologies, built-in Bluetooth, and secure cloud-based storage for seamless data transmission and storage. This convergence of advanced features culminates in a comprehensive solution that supports officers in fulfilling their critical responsibilities with the utmost confidence, security, and efficiency.