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Public Safety

Technology for Public Safety Answering Points and dispatch centers. Record, review, organize and securely distribute communications.

Child Advocacy Centers

Easy to use secure and reliable solutions to record interviews. Easily share with secure methods.

Law Enforcement

Automate critical and repetitive functions to expedite and secure your workflow. Digital evidence delivery and more!

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Product Highlights

Firstline offers a wide variety of solutions to enable PSAP's, Law Enforcement and Government agencies to work efficiently and intelligently. Beat the burn-out, make intelligence driven decisions and rest assured your solutions are secure.

Featured Video Redaction & AI Solution

Veritone Identify, Illuminate and Redact is an innovative suite of tools designed to help organizations protect their data and comply with data privacy regulations. With Veritone Identify, organizations can quickly and accurately identify personally identifiable information (PII) in text and audio content, enabling them to take the necessary steps to protect that data. Veritone Illuminate helps organizations discover potential data privacy issues by analyzing audio and text content to uncover potential compliance issues. And with Veritone Redact, organizations can redact PII and other sensitive information from documents and other content, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. Veritone Identify, Illuminate and Redact is the perfect solution for organizations looking to protect their data and ensure compliance.

Featured Communication Recording Solution

The NICE Public Safety solution is a powerful, cutting-edge technology designed to help public safety organizations improve their operations and protect citizens. With its integrated suite of powerful tools, NICE Public Safety helps organizations streamline operations, quickly detect and respond to threats, and enhance the safety of citizens. It offers a comprehensive situational awareness platform and advanced analytics capabilities, allowing teams to make informed decisions and coordinate their efforts in a matter of seconds. It also features intuitive user interface tools, enabling users to quickly access relevant information and collaborate with other teams in real-time. With the NICE Public Safety solution, organizations can respond to emergencies faster and more effectively, ensuring the safety of citizens and the efficiency of operations.

Featured Interview Room Recording Solution

The iRecord Interview Recording solution is the perfect way to ensure that your next interview is recorded with superior clarity and accuracy. This revolutionary recording solution features advanced technology that captures every detail of the conversation with crystal clear audio. It also offers an intuitive and easy-to-use design that makes recording interviews incredibly simple. Plus, the iRecord Interview Recording solution comes with a range of features, such as the ability to upload recordings directly to the cloud, an integrated transcription engine, and an intuitive search system that makes finding specific sections of the recording easy. With the iRecord Interview Recording solution, you can be sure that you’ll have an accurate record of every interview you conduct.

Featured Digital Evidence Management Solution

Introducing iRecord Cloud Digital Evidence Management – the most reliable cloud-based solution for managing and storing digital evidence. With iRecord, you can easily collect, store, and organize digital evidence from any source - including body-worn cameras, dash cams, surveillance cameras, and more. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to search, review, and analyze digital evidence, so you can quickly and efficiently identify important facts and details. We also provide secure storage of digital evidence, so you can be sure your data is safe from unauthorized access. With iRecord, you can save time and money while ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your digital evidence. Get the most secure and reliable digital evidence management solution today – iRecord Cloud Digital Evidence Management.