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Speech Recognition

Maximize your efficiency with SpeechDocx. Philips SpeechExec, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

It’s Fast

  • Simply put – people can talk much faster than they can type.
  • Most professionals who type their own documents and e-mail can "talk type" 2 to 3 times faster.

It’s Accurate

  • Today’s Speech Recognition technology has initial accuracy rates around 95%. With SpeechDocx integration it’s even better!
  • We can easily create a customized vocabulary for you to handle any specialized terminology.

It’s Easy

  • We install the software with a simplified user interface.
  • You read a standardized script for 6 to 8 minutes and you’re done.
  • We can even set it up in "background mode" – the author won’t even have to know it’s there.

It’s Always Available

  • Smartphone App integrates directly into your office workflow from anywhere.
  • Capture "off hours" content – like billing information and other notes and automatically route back to your office.
  • Also works with many existing Philips® and Olympus® digital dictation recorders.

Working with SpeechDocx makes your workflow a breeze!

SpeechDocx is a toolkit from Firstline Business Systems that combines hardware, software and professional services to enable an effective integration of speech recognition and digital dictation workflow. It provides simplified user interfaces to minimize training time and maximize efficiency.

Firstline Professional Services – Knowledge – Experience

Firstline Professional Services – Knowledge – ExperienceKnowledge and experience are the keys to successfully implementing a speech to content solution. Our team has a combined 89 years of experience working with various voice technologies and law firms. We meet with you to analyze your existing content creation workflow, identify areas for improvement, and design a solution to best fit your organization.

The modular nature of our solutions allows you to start small and grow according to your needs.
A “pilot project” – with a limited number of selected participants is often the best way to start. This allows you to experience the results and benefits without making a large upfront commitment.

Speech Recognition with SpeechDocx Integration

Speech Recognition with SpeechDocx Integration

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional or Legal edition is the "engine" for speech recognition applications. The SpeechDocx toolkit provides a simplified user interface and integration directly into your content workflow.

The simplified user interface can be set up as a foreground operation for those who like the visual feedback of typing their own documents. For others using dictation devices, it can be set up as a background operation so they don’t need to change their existing workflow or dictation habits.

Mobile App for Android, iPhone / iPad, and Blackberry

Mobile app for Android, iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry

Turns your smartphone into a professional dictation recorder with complete dictation controls. Capture “off hours” content such as client notes or billing information and have it automatically encrypted and routed back to your office via secure file transfer. It provides full integration with your dictation workflow solution.

Digital Dictation and Transcription

Digital Dictation and Transcription

Philips professional dictation recorders with slide switch control offer outstanding sound quality and convenient editing control of your voice files. If you are already using Olympus recorders, many of those will work also.

By adding SpeechDocx integration with background speech processing, both the voice and completed text files are delivered automatically to the transcriptionist for editing and correction.

Enterprise Licensing and Management Software

Manage all of your dictation and transcription software from your server. Eliminate the need to go to each individual PC to handle licensing, software updates, permissions, user profiles etc. Easily handle workflow routing changes such as when an employee is away from work for illness or vacation.

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