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Communication Recording

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Firstline Business Systems provides sales and support for Revcord and Nice communication recorders

People buy communication recorders from Firstline because:

We’re Local

  • When you call – we know who you are!
  • When you call – we know what equipment you have
  • When you call – we can come to your location

We Listen

  • Conversation and Consultation – understanding you and your needs is how we work

We Care

  • It matters to us because it matters to you – and you make our business possible

We’re Knowledgeable

  • We are experienced – we’ve been doing this since the days of reel to reel tape recorders
  • We are educated about the equipment we provide and support
  • We are educated about the technologies that are utilized by our recording systems
  • We are educated about how you do your work

We’re Independent

  • We choose the products that we represent
  • Best in class is our criteria
  • We have valuable relationships with many types of product vendors and other independent dealerships across the US, giving us insight about the market and end user experiences

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