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My Promise to You. . .

  Mark HundleyI’m Mark Hundley, President and owner of Firstline Business Systems, Inc. 

This is my promise to you 

Everyone in our company will do their very best to make your experience with us outstanding.  We will listen carefully and we will respond thoughtfully and professionally.  If you have a problem with any of our products or support – we will make it right.  If we can’t make it right – we will give you your money back.” 

Our goal is to meet, or preferably exceed, your expectations.  If we don’t – please let me know and I will do all that I can to correct any problem.

Our Story – 100 years in the making!

early dictating machineJust over 100 years ago, the grandfather of one of our former employees started a business in Portland, Oregon selling dictating machines.  He was an acquaintance of Thomas Edison and sold Edison’s original “Dictaphone.”  When an author spoke into the microphone, the machine cut grooves into a wax cylinder.  The wax cylinder was then put on a transcription machine and the typist would listen to the voice and type the document. We have one of those machines in our office today, as well as company records dating back to 1913.  We know the company started before that, but since the earliest records we have are dated 1913, we use that as the beginning date for our company.  We have been in continuous operation, selling and servicing dictation/transcription equipment since then.  In 1984, Mark Hundley left his job as national sales manager for Sony Office Products Division, purchased the company and renamed it Firstline Business Systems.  Since then we have expanded our product offerings to what you see on this website.  Our guiding principles are to provide best in class products, best in class customer support and an outstanding customer experience.  Our business is really all about you – your questions, your needs and your concerns.  We know that without you, we don’t have a business!

What we do

We sell and support products that make your job easier and more efficient.  These include: 

  • Dictation and transcription hardware and software from Olympus, Philips and Crescendo Systems 
  • Speech Recognition software from Nuance – Dragon Naturally Speaking.  In addition we have a “toolkit” of hardware, software and professional services called SpeechDocx that enables an effective integration of speech recognition, digital dictation and workflow.  It provides simplified user interfaces to minimize training time and maximize efficiency. 
  • Communication Recording – sometimes called voice logging – hardware and software to record communication and call center activities.  We offer products from Nice Systems and Revcord. 
  • Interview room video/audio recording systems from iRecord for law enforcement and child advocacy centers as well as other commercial applications. 
  • Document Management Software from docSTAR – sometimes referred to as “paper-less office technology.”

How we work with you

First and foremost, it’s about you.  We’ll have a conversation about your needs, questions, concerns and goals.  Only when we have a clear understanding about these things can we determine whether we can be of help.  If we feel we can be of help, we can begin a conversation about what that might look like and whether it makes sense to you.  It’s a no pressure process where we discover together if our products and services can provide the solutions you need.  If you wish to continue, the next step would be a proposal from us that covers the configuration of products, professional services, investment and implementation process.  We are in open conversation with you at each step along the way to discuss any details and answer any questions that will help you make your decision.

Serving Washington and Oregon since 1913

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